Victoria Falls Lookout and Walking Track (Blue Mountains)

Last updated: November 24, 2020

Perched on a cliff edge high above the Grose Valley, the Victoria Falls lookout is the starting point of a short but very steep bushwalk to one of the prettiest waterfalls in the Blue Mountains.

Victoria Falls is a stunning waterfall on Victoria Creek that drops 20m from a rock overhang, with the nearby cascades further upstream also worth a visit.

Victoria Falls Track
Distance: 3 km (return)
Descent: 400 m
Time: 2 hours (depending on stops)
Grade: Moderate / hard (very steep)
Dogs: Not allowed

How to Get There

From the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains, turn into Victoria Falls Road, north of Blackheath and just south of Mount Victoria. Please note that this road isn’t very well signposted, and is rather easy to miss and drive past.

Also note that this is an unsealed road, but it has been quite well maintained. A 4WD vehicle certainly isn’t necessary, but it’s still recommended to drive carefully, especially after a period of rainfall.

Start of the Victoria Falls Track
Start of the Victoria Falls Track

Follow this unsealed road for about 5km until you reach a small car park with a few picnic tables. The start of the track is at the eastern end of this car park (map).

Look out for the signpost that says Grose Valley Lookout and Victoria Falls.

Nearby sight:
>> The beautiful Hanging Rock and Baltzer Lookout.

Victoria Falls Lookout

The Victoria Falls Track is one of the lesser known walking tracks in the Blue Mountains, but has so much to offer.

One beautiful lookout point and two scenic waterfalls is what you get to enjoy when you follow the steep Victoria Falls Track down into the Grose Valley.

Hike to Victoria Falls in the Blue Mountains
Victoria Falls Lookout

Also known as the Grose Valley lookout, the Victoria Falls lookout is only a short stroll away from the car park on Victoria Falls Road. The lookout is considered one of the most panoramic lookouts in the Blue Mountains region.

Interestingly enough, the waterfall isn’t actually visible from the lookout. In other words, to see the waterfall, you’re going to have to undertake the steep descent into the valley.

Views from the Victoria Falls lookout
Views from the Victoria Falls Lookout

It really is quite a steep walk, so make sure you come prepared with appropriate footwear and a filled up bottle of water. That water will be much needed, especially on a warm day.

Victoria Falls and Cascades

From the Victoria Falls lookout, the track zigzags its way down into the valley. It’s an easy to follow path, first through an area of rocky outcrops and slowly turning into a greener, rainforest-like environment.

Scenic views from the path to Victoria Falls
Beautiful scenery on the way to Victoria Falls

As you can hear the sounds of the waterfall and cascades getting stronger, the track eventually meets an intersection where things may get a bit confusing.

The sign at the intersection says Burra Korain Flat to the left, and Cascades to the right. It doesn’t actually mention Victoria Falls, for which you will need to turn left.

Because the sign doesn’t mention the actual waterfall, you might think that the cascades are the actual waterfall, and potentially miss out on visiting Victoria Falls altogether.

For the best experience, it’s recommended to first visit the cascades, which are only a short walk away from the sign, turning right.

Victoria Cascades
Victoria Cascades

With a bit of rock scrambling, it’s possible to get very close to the cascades. On a warm day, you may even be able to dip your feet into the water at the bottom of the cascades.

It’s a very pretty sight, especially with the rocks, cliff walls and large trees surrounding the cascades.

To visit the real Victoria Falls, retrace your steps back to the intersection and follow the path leading to Burra Korain Flat. It’s possible to visit both the top and bottom of Victoria Falls via this walking track.

Interesting fact:
The path to Burra Korain Flat extends along the Grose River and ultimately leads to the Blue Gum Forest, which in turn connects with Perrys Lookdown and Lockleys Pylon.

The top of the waterfall can be reached via a short side track close to the intersection, and offers nice views of the creek flowing further down into the valley.

To get to the bottom of the falls, head back to the main path along the creek and continue on until you see the waterfall.

This photo by Flickr user Richie does the true beauty of the waterfall justice:

Victoria Falls

Map of Victoria Falls

Turn into Victoria Falls Road from the Great Western Highway, north of Blackheath and just south of Mount Victoria.

Follow this unsealed road for 5 km until you reach the small car park.

Victoria Falls Lookout and Walking Track


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