10 Pram Friendly Walks in and Around Sydney

Last updated: August 12, 2020

Going for a walk with your baby or toddler is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, stay fit and spend quality time with your little one. But it can be quite challenging to find walking tracks that are not only scenic but also pram-friendly.

Below is a list of pram friendly walks in and close to Sydney where you can safely enjoy the outdoors with your baby or toddler. Most of these walks provide plenty of shade and have cafes and picnic sites along the way.

1. Narrabeen Lagoon Trail

The scenic Narrabeen Lagoon trail is a stunning 8.4km circuit track around Narrabeen Lakes in Sydney’s north.

Narrabeen Lagoon trail around Narrabeen Lakes
Narrabeen Lagoon trail

Completed in February 2015, this trail is now a very popular weekend escape for walkers, joggers and cyclists, all enjoying the natural beauty and serenity of an idyllic lake that is surrounded by thriving bushland.

The walking track around the Narrabeen Lagoon guides visitors through a variety of ecosystems with an abundance of wildlife to see. You will also find several historical and cultural heritage sites along the way, in addition to camp and picnic sites.

2. Lavender Bay and Milsons Point

The Lavender Bay and Milsons Point foreshore walk is a short but scenic walking trail in the lower north shore, offering stunning views of Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge.

From Milsons Point train station, head south towards the Harbour and cross Bradfield Park underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Lavender Bay and Milsons Point circuit walk
Lavender Bay and Milsons Point

The park extends to the Broughton St Lookout which is one of the most scenic lookout points in Sydney, with panoramic views of the city skyline including the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

From the lookout, follow the walking path around the Milsons Point peninsula along the shoreline. The path continues under the bridge towards Luna Park and the North Sydney Olympic Pool. From there, continue the path on the boardwalk around Luna Park towards Lavender Bay.

If time permits, it’s worth exploring Kirribilli on the other side of the train station, although the steep suburban streets may be somewhat challenging.

3. Royal Botanic Garden

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden is a 30 hectares large oasis, located in the heart of the city. The best way to explore the unique beauty, heritage and plant diversity of the Royal National Park is by simply wandering around.

Royal Botanic Garden
Royal Botanic Garden

It’s best to avoid the Royal Botanic Garden during lunchtime just to avoid potential collisions with the countless joggers who are getting their workouts in at that time of day.

4. Coogee Beach Foreshore

One of the best parts of the Bondi to Coogee walk is the section between Dunningham Reserve north of Coogee Beach and Trenerry Reserve in South Coogee.

Coogee Beach foreshore pram walk
Coogee Beach foreshore

The coastal views are very pretty, and with several cafes, picnic areas and a playground along the way, Coogee Beach is a great destination for a pram-friendly walk.

5. Iron Cove Bay Walk

Otherwise known as the Bay Run, the Iron Cove Bay Walk is a scenic 7km circuit walking trail around Iron Cove in the Parramatta River, with playgrounds and cafes along the way.

Bay Run around Iron Cove
Bay Run around Iron Cove

The track is flat from start to finish making it a very popular spot for runners, hikers and mothers with prams. The best time to visit is in the morning when it’s less busy. Good places to park are Drummoyne Swimming Pool, Leichardt Park and King George Park.

6. Centennial Park

Of course, Centennial Park in the eastern suburbs cannot be excluded in this list of pram friendly walks in and around Sydney.

Sydney's Centennial Park
Centennial Park

With its perfect location so close to the city, Centennial Park is a green oasis with numerous walking paths, large grassy areas and several cafes to choose from.

7. Cremorne Point Foreshore Walk

The Cremorne Point foreshore walk is a picturesque 3km foreshore circuit trail with beautiful views of Mosman Bay, Sydney Harbour and the city skyline.

Located only 6km from the Sydney CBD, Cremorne Point is a leafy harbourside suburb in the lower north shore. The circuit walk starts and ends at the Cremorne Point Wharf with an optional detour to Cremorne Reserve and the Robertons Point Lookout.

Cremorne Point foreshore pram walk
Cremorne Point

Simply follow the pram friendly 3km trail clockwise (or anti-clockwise) and within 90 minutes you’ll be back at the wharf.

Please note that the northern part of the loop does have a few steep sections and some stairs. The southern part of the loop is flat and very pram friendly.

8. Lane Cove National Park

Located north-west of the Sydney CBD, Lane Cove National Park is a popular bushland area surrounding the Lane Cove River. With lots of picnic spots, children’s playgrounds, flat grassy areas and walking tracks, the park is a popular weekend getaway destination.

Lane Cove riverside circuit walk
Lane Cove National Park

The scenic Riverside Walking Track is a fairly easy walk along the south bank of the Lane Cove River. The section close to Koonjeree picnic area is particularly family and pram friendly, with boardwalks and other great facilities.

9. Cronulla Beach Walk

While most people would visit Cronulla Beach because of its long beaches, beautiful parks and lively town centre, this beachside suburb is also home to one of Sydney’s prettiest coastal walks.

Cronulla Beach foreshore walk
Cronulla Beach foreshore

Starting at Wanda Beach, simply follow the picturesque shoreline of the Cronulla peninsula, taking in several ocean rock pools, playgrounds, beaches and impressive real estate.

The coastal walk is pram friendly up until Bass and Flinders Point at the southernmost tip of the peninsula.

10. Glebe Foreshore Walk

The Glebe Foreshore Walk along Rozelle Bay and Blackwattle Bay is a leisurely walking track that runs between the Glebe Foreshore Parks in Annandale and the Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont.

Glebe foreshore walk
Glebe foreshore walk

The flat walking track is well-maintained and offers some very pretty views of the bay against the backdrop of the Anzac Bridge and the city skyline.

Sydney pram friendly walks

  1. Just did the Cremorne Point Foreshore Walk, it’s not entirely pram friendly as there are quite a lot of steep stairs to get through on the northern part of the loop. Luckily I had help as I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone with the pram.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Roxane. You’re right, the southern part is much easier. We have just updated the article to include that piece of important information. Thanks again!

  2. I just completed the Cremorne Point walk… it was a bit of battle on my own. Major regrets, I did not read the whole blurb, so my fault. The southern side is a short walk, but yes it’s flat and great views… not sure I would bother driving there just for the southern walk. In saying that the northern side was really beautiful and I will definitely do it again… just with bub in a backpack or with my husband.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! Hopefully you were still able to enjoy the walk there, even though the southern side of the circuit is indeed a bit short.

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