17 Romantic Things to Do in Sydney (Date Ideas and Activities)

Last updated: August 5, 2022

Sydney is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Harbour, the iconic tourist attractions, the many beaches, the numerous walking tracks, Sydney has lots of fun and exciting activities to offer.

Not just for tourists, but also for local Sydney-siders. And all these awesome attractions make Sydney also the perfect city to get your romance on and execute the perfect date.

Is your girlfriend’s birthday or some anniversary coming up and you’re not sure what to do? Or maybe you need some inspiration for romantic couple things to do in Sydney on Valentine’s Day?

17 Romantic Date Ideas in Sydney

Move over Paris, Rome and Barcelona. If you really want to get romantic with your partner as a couple, Sydney is where you need to be!

Here are 17 date ideas to help you find some of the best romantic things to do in and around Sydney.

1. Do a Harbour Cruise

This may be a bit of a cliché, but lots of Sydney locals have never actually done a cruise on our beautiful Sydney Harbour. If you pick the right cruise, at the right time, rest assured that you will have a very romantic experience.

It’s best to do a night time cruise, ideally at the end of a hot summer’s day, enjoying the amazing views of Sydney Harbour with a comfortable cool breeze. And for less than $100 you can also have a romantic dinner on board.

Romantic Sydney Harbour cruise
Romantic Sydney Harbour cruise

There are lots of dinner cruises available at different times, so why not try this out for your next romantic date.

Or you could even take it a step further, and hire your own boat to cruise around the Harbour and visit some amazing spots that normal cruises don’t go to.

Top Sydney Harbour cruises:

2. Do a Cooking Class

Are you keen to spice up your cooking skills? Or are you simply looking for an entertaining and romantic afternoon out?

Then why not bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to a cooking class somewhere in Sydney, and learn more about the culinary arts.

Do a cooking class in Sydney
Do a cooking class in Sydney

What’s great is that there’s a wide variety of different cooking classes to choose from. Vegetarian, Italian, Japanese, American BBQ, or Chinese dumplings, there is an exciting and romantic cooking class for everyone.

Top cooking classes in Sydney:

3. Go Hiking

Third on our list of romantic couple things to do in and around Sydney is to go hiking together. Being active outdoors and enjoying the incredible natural beauty that Sydney has to offer, is actually a very romantic and fun thing to do.

Try a walking trail that hasn’t been flooded with the big crowds yet. After all, you’d want some space and perhaps some quiet time with your better half. Try the Cape Baily Track, a quiet walking trail north of Cronulla with stunning coastal views.

Do a romantic Sydney coastal walk
Do a romantic Sydney coastal walk

The Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach walk is great too. The scenery along the way is fantastic, and you can finish your date in style at Balmoral Beach with a swim and a romantic picnic.

If you prefer a bush walk, pick one of these awesome bushwalks in and around Sydney for some adventurous quality time together outside.

4. Go Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking or Canoeing

Being out on the water feels great, and being active on the water is even more fun. Stand-Up Paddling (SUP), kayaking or canoeing are great ways to be active together on the water and to just have some fun together.

There are plenty of secluded locations in and around Sydney where you can get into some serious paddling fun. Most of the craft hire shops also teach you more about technique in case you’ve never done it before.

Kayaking in Sydney
Kayaking in Sydney

Some of the best spots to go to for these types of water sports are Rose Bay, Clareville Beach in Avalon, Manly Beach, Pittwater, and Bundeena in Royal National Park.

You can either purchase or rent the necessary gear, or you could also go on a guided tour. The benefits of a guided tour is that you’re in a small group, all the gear is taken care of, and you get to see some pretty cool sights from close by.

Top Sydney kayaking tours and hire venues:

5. Visit a Secluded Beach

Sydney and New South Wales literally have hundreds of beaches spread out along the coast, from Byron Bay all the way south to Eden.

While it may be challenging to find a beach that hasn’t yet been discovered by the rest of the world, there are actually quite a few beaches in and around Sydney that are great little hideaways.

Secret beaches don’t really exist anymore, but you’d be surprised how quiet some Sydney beaches still are.

Collins Beach in Manly
Collins Beach in Manly

What’s better than to have a whole beach to share between you and your partner, on a warm sunny day. Okay sure, in the weekends this may be close to impossible, but on a weekday you can still find secluded beaches with not many other people around.

Reef Beach, close to Manly, is one of those beaches. It’s small and quiet, and the surrounding views are awesome. Another great beach to visit is Whale Beach, next door to Palm Beach. Perhaps not as secluded, but still very pleasant.

Another one of our favourite beaches is Milk Beach, along the Hermitage Foreshore Walk in Vaucluse. Also a great option is Wattamolla Beach. The waterfall, the lagoon and the beach are the perfect ingredients for some quality time together.

6. Do a Flower Arranging Class

Rather than just gifting your better half a beautiful bunch of flowers, why not do a class where you can create your very own flower arrangements and bouquets?

That’s right, learning how to arrange flowers under the guidance of a top florist from Sydney is actually a thing, and can be a very romantic and fun activity to do with your partner.

Do a flower arranging class in Sydney
Do a flower arranging class in Sydney

A good flower arranging class will give you a wide range of fresh flowers to work with, and you may also learn a thing or two about the different techniques used to create that perfect bouquet.

Another reason to do a romantic flower arranging class is that it is a very relaxing activity to do, allowing you to practice mindfulness and to forget about the daily grind for a couple of hours.

Top flower arranging classes in Sydney:

7. Climb the Harbour Bridge

Opened in 1932, the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge is Sydney’s most iconic landmark. Not only does it have the best looks, it’s also an incredible piece of superb engineering.

Also known as the Coathanger because of its arch-based design, the 134m high Sydney Harbour Bridge connects the CBD with Sydney’s North Shore.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Feeling adventurous and romantic at the same time? Enjoy unforgettable panoramic views of the Sydney CBD skyline and the Sydney Harbour by climbing the bridge. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is best enjoyed when doing it together with your partner.

If you find the Bridge Climb too expensive, you can also consider visiting the Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout. It’s much cheaper but you still get to enjoy the beautiful views.

8. Do a Pottery Workshop

Have you always wanted to learn to make beautiful ceramics in a pottery workshop?

If you’re looking for a truly unique romantic activity, a pottery class under the professional guidance of a passionate and talented teacher might just be the perfect choice.

Do a pottery workshop in Sydney
Do a pottery workshop in Sydney

Pottery is a great way to indulge your creativity, and doing this together with your better half could result in an unexpectedly romantic experience! Get creative with your partner and turn a block of clay into a fancy teapot, a pretty vase or a cute bowl.

Top pottery classes in Sydney:

9. Organise a Picnic with Views

Sydney is home to lots of beautiful parks spread out across the city and beyond, and some of these parks offer fantastic views.

A great way to enjoy your partner’s company is by simply organising a romantic picnic outside in the park.

Have a picnic at West Head lookout
Have a picnic at West Head lookout

Some of the best spots to go for a picnic are the Botanic Gardens or Observatory Hill in the city, Manly North Head, Robertson Park in Watsons Bay (although a bit crowded on the weekend), Cremorne Point and the West Head Lookout.

So grab a picnic rug, basket, food and snacks, and perhaps even a nice cold bottle of wine, and enjoy a great afternoon out.

10. Stay Overnight in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are not just great for hiking and exploring, they are also home to some of the best (read: most romantic) hotels and B&B’s in greater Sydney.

Staying overnight in the Blue Mountains is a bit pricey, but it can be quite a refreshing and romantic weekend getaway.

The Blue Mountains is a romantic getaway
Stay Overnight in the Blue Mountains

The next day, make sure you visit Scenic World (the Skyway is awesome), the Three Sisters and Wentworth Falls before returning back home.

Alternatively, you can also pre-book a one-day unlimited ride pass that includes admission to all rides at Scenic World!

Blue Mountains hotel tips:

11. Go Camping

Go back to basics, be one with nature, count all the stars in the sky and enjoy a glass of red, while sitting in front of your tent. Who needs luxury when all you really want is your partner by your side.

Camping on Cockatoo Island
Camping on Cockatoo Island

Sydney has lots of great camping spots spread out across the city and New South Wales. Cockatoo Island is perhaps one of the most unique camping experiences you can have in Sydney. Or should we say “glamping”?

For more camping ideas, check out this list of some of the best camping spots in and around Sydney.

12. See a Show at the Opera House

Sydney Opera House offers a wide variety of shows, pretty much every day, and it’s certainly not just opera shows.

Sydney Opera House
Visit the Sydney Opera House

Did you know that the majority of Sydney locals have never been to a show at one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks?

Check out this calendar to see what’s on at the Opera House.

13. Visit an Outdoor Cinema in Summer

During the summer months, Sydney has a couple of outdoor cinemas set up where you can enjoy the latest blockbusters or famous classics under a sky full of stars.

Perhaps not as private as you’d want it to be, but it’s a fun experience and a bit more exciting than the usual indoor cinema.

Visit a Sydney outdoor cinema
Moonlight Cinema

One of the best known outdoor cinemas is the Westpac OpenAir Cinema, at Mrs Macquaries Point facing the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney CBD skyline.

Other popular venues are Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park and Openair Cinemas in Bondi Beach.

14. Stay Overnight with the Animals in the Zoo

Yes that’s right, you can now stay overnight with the animals at Taronga Zoo. Well, not literally with the animals, but close enough.

Taronga Zoo Roar and Snoar
Roar and Snoar at Taronga Zoo (photo: Taronga Zoo)

Taronga Zoo in Mosman offers Roar and Snore, Sydney’s ultimate sleepover. Sleeping in safari style tents with exotic animals as your neighbours, overlooking the beautiful city skyline with all its lights.

15. Watch a Sydney Sunset

What better way to end the day than to enjoy a romantic sunset with your loved one? There are so many great spots in Sydney where you can witness a beautiful sunset, so you’re spoiled for choice.

And why not bring some nice food for dinner, some nibbles, and perhaps a bottle of wine to make the experience even better.

Romantic sunset in Watsons Bay
Romantic sunset in Watsons Bay

One of our favourite spots in Sydney to watch a sunset is at Robertson Park in Watsons Bay, with beautiful views of the city. Clovelly, looking towards Gordons Bay and Coogee is a great spot too. Bondi Beach, further north is also a great location to watch the sun go down on a warm summer night.

Other great spots are Mrs. Macquarie’s Point and the Royal Botanic Garden in the city, the Fairfax Lookout in Manly, and Blues Point Reserve at McMahons Point.

16. Play Mini Golf

If you’re looking for a date idea that is both fun as well as romantic, indoor mini golf, otherwise known as putt-putt golf, is what you need to do.

The only drawback of this game is that time flies way too fast, that’s how much fun it is.

Play indoor mini golf
Play a romantic game of mini golf

Mini golf is often done outdoors, but there are some great indoor mini golf locations in Sydney as well. Holey Moley has pop-themed mini golf venues in Darlinghurst, North Strathfield, Castle Hill and Newtwon, which also include cocktail bars.

Have a look at our list of best mini golf courses in Sydney for a complete list of the best indoor and outdoor putt putt venues.

17. Go Snorkeling in Sydney

With the Harbour and so many beautiful beaches at your doorstep, Sydney is the perfect city to go on a romantic snorkeling date with your partner.

Go snorkeling in Gordons Bay
Go snorkeling in Gordons Bay

Some of the best snorkeling spots can be found at Shelly Beach in Manly, Clovelly Beach and Gordons Bay in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, and Bare Island in La Perouse.

If you prefer to go on an organised tour with all equipment and wetsuits included, you should check out this Manly and Shelly Beach snorkeling tour. It’s an exciting eco-tourism certified snorkeling tour off Shelly Beach in Manly.


17 Romantic things to do in Sydney


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